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Managing Director, Gampost

Managing Director’s Message

I am pleased to report Gambia Postal Services Corporation (GAMPOST) reform and transformation journey taking effect from 2006 following the passage of GAMPOST Act 2005 by the National Assembly.

Reform and development of the Post was a prerequisite as societal and economic circumstances are changing rapidly due to developments, such as changing expectations of customers and the rise of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” through digital technology trends.

In response, we have taken full advantage of GAMPOST’s unique collective capabilities to optimize and adapt its portfolio to the changing times and emerging expectations. The following achievements and innovation outline our full committed to creating the optimum business portfolio and adaptation to market situations.

The Courier wing (express mail service – EMS) was created to respond to the competition, we also ushered in Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) now rebranded Post Money Transfer (PMT) powered by a state of the art digital platform. GAMPOST inherited a Savings Bank providing savings scheme operated manually; in 2013 we acquired a banking solution automating the savings scheme.
In 2015 we signed partnership agreements with partners in Senegal and The Gambia to create and lunch a Mobile Money Platform called PostCash with GAMPOST branded Visa backed ATM cards. In 2019 we acquired the DotPost Mail management system from Universal Postal Union (UPU) replacing the old version of IPS Light.

Although financial performance fluctuates from year to year, we have been able to maintain profitability or at least breakeven even in difficult economic conditions. The audited financial statements for year ended 31 December 2019 reported GMD 6,554,502 profit after tax.

We are constantly questioning in which sectors to strengthen our presence and in which to apply our expertise to develop future Core Businesses. When we are no longer capable of adding value to a business, we will redirect energy and capital to businesses where we can add value.

Management is hoping to sign partnership and cooperation agreements with BSIC Bank and Takaful Insurance Gambia Limited in the first half of 2021 to further expand our market frontiers and better serve the public. Our predominant preoccupation right now is to launch the mobile money application (PostCash) and subsequently roll out an e-commerce platform in the immediate future.

In order to achieve this, we will and must reform our HR system for the first time in many years. The new system must recruit and train qualified and experienced staff. We will also ensure that our employees gain the right experience earlier in their careers to develop into management professionals, become more meritocratic. We must guarantee the right people are in the right position and optimize our talent deployment throughout the country.

These steps will be carried out in parallel to appropriate reorganizations that will better equip us to deal with changes in our operating environment.

We thank you in anticipation of your support and look forward to working together for an even brighter future.

Phoday M. Jaiteh – Managing Director

Our History

The Department of Post has a long, rich and proud history, dating back more than 157 years to 1858 when the British introduced international Postal services in The Gambia. Domestic mail services started in 1922, with the introduction of the Prince of Wales, the travelling Post office boat.

During colonial administration, the Departments of Post and Telecommunications, Customs and Treasury provided the postal services, which were all headed by the Receiver General.

When The Gambianisation of the civil service began, the three units were separated into autonomous departments and the Department of Post and Telecommunications was given its own Department head.

The Department of Post was created in 1976, when the former department of Posts and Telecommunications, which was responsible for both domestic Postal and Telecommunications services, was split into two separate departments.

In 1984, The Government commissioned a study on the creation of an autonomous postal service. The outcome of the study showed that the time was not right for the postal service to change its status. An update of the study was carried out in 2004/5 which showed the Post could be a viable entity if the right structures are put in place. The recommendation was accepted by Government culminating in the passage of The Gambia Postal Services Corporation (GAMPOST) Act by the National Assembly in December 2005.

GAMPOST (Gambia Postal Service Corporation) was formerly established as an autonomous body in January 2006 (under the Gambia public enterprise Act of 1989) to give effect the postal conventions and to monitored and regulate the Postal Industry in The Gambia and to accept International standards.

Prior to the transformation of the Gambia Post Office, that evolved into the present day GAMPOST, the regulation and operations were vested in the Gambia Department of State for Information, Communication and Technology.

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